Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Number 23 + Cloverfield

This is the trailer for the film Number 23. It is about a man who reads a book about an obsession with a number and after reading it contracted the obsession. He see's the number everywhere and truely believes it is ruining his life. He finds connections with ever aspect of his life. This is a good example of how one of our ideas would work.

We would like to try and make our audience feel uncomfortable so they could relate to the feeling we are trying to portray. After speaking to liz she had the idea of designing masks. We wanted to incorporate both of these so the idea was that a character would be wearing a mask but wouldn't realise there is anything wrong with him. After a series of reactions make the character paranoid he finally see's his reflection and all comes clear to the character and the viewer. We were thinking of filming the piece first person like the film Cloverfield:-