Monday, 2 August 2010

The PEN Story, Olympus

This is a great stop motion piece for the Olymus pen showing a journey through time and through life. It was made from over 60,000 photo's, 9,600 prints and 1,800 phot's had to be shot again. There was no post-production which i find very impressive and very skilled.

This piece I can relate to alot. Not because of the life story but because of certain shots. For example New York, paragliding and the history of motorcycling in the family. Actually, most of it reminds me of my dad and what he has done through life. He grew up with bikes and continued using them when going through the army then swapped them for paragliding later in life before starting to get back into biking again now. The only thing that is not right is the running a marathon part because he said he would never do but who knows. I love this piece and sure he will too.