Friday, 26 February 2010

Slipknot, Before I Forget

This is the music video for Slipknots "Before I Forget" and I've put it on my blog because of the camera angles and close shots used. These are similar to the shots I want to recreate in my piece. Some of these shots are very similar to the ones I have in my storyboards and immediately thought of this when I completed them. There is a great shot of the bass at 1:29 which could be ideal for my second of the final 2 storyboards. There is also a good but quick shot of a distortion pedal being used at 1:33. If anything I'm thinking of getting closer and interacting more with the instruments and equipment but without revealing identity. Maybe show less that what is seen here.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

VH1 Classic UK - Christmas ident

This is one of the old christmas idents that was produced for VH1 that focuses on making a christmas theme from musical objects. This particular one uses guitar plectrums to create an image. I think it works well and it is a good idea to have an obvious music connection like this as it stands out from other channels at the time. This also doesn't seem like one of thoughs tacky ideas where a channel puts snow on their ident. This stands out a shows it can be done using different means.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Elbow, The Stop

In this video I like the section where the guitar cable moves over the amp to the output socket at 2:09. When thinking of doing an ident for kerrang i immediately thought of doing some close camera work to instruments and equipment but sticking closely to the colour scheme. I also like the footage at 2:35 which is a close-up from of the base guitar and the guitar strings. The only thing is I'm not sure if this fits in with the Kerrang demographic? Looking at past idents Kerrang like things a bit funny and off the wall so focusing on the instruments would probably not be what they are looking for.

Kerrang Awards 2007

This is a great 2.5D piece that sums up a lot of Kerrang's idents which show the weird and wacky side to the channel. They really don't take themselves seriously at all and just focus on making an impression and standing out from the rest. Quite a lot of their older idents were done this way and they have now moved onto using 3 dimensions. It therefore makes sense that I stick with this rather than move backwards and create a 2.5D piece. The 3 dimension piece is still done in a similar way with a Hock style cut and stick collage method with objects in obscure places. It almost seems like the weirder the better for Kerrang. Thats the root I need to be taking.

Kerrang! - Old On Air Identity

This is a showreel of the old idents for Kerrang. They feature a series of B movies, Explicit movies and abstract footage that have been edited with themed illustrations that make the clip relevant to the music channel. They are all humorous clips and are broken down when being rewound and played again. They have no relevance to the music being played on the channel and are just a kooky clips to break up programming. This is also the case with the current idents so this shows that anything goes really when creating an ident for the Kerrang channel but probably the more abstract the better.

Kerrang! Tour animation

This is a great piece of 2.5D. I love the randomness and the weirdness of the kerrang intro. Much like they're other idents they don't take themselves too seriously and have fun. They have weird and imaginative idents to reflect the kind of music they play. Its perfect for the younger audience that the channel attracts. I also like the dirtiness and the rough side to the animation as it reflects a festival/tour. The scratches and dirt on the lens also keeps the piece alive. It also shows its not all glam and that the whole experience can be a little rough and ready.

It also does well to keep the attention of they're audience for what is quite a long period of time for an ident/intro. I believe this is due to the constant movement with the camera and the constant movement of the layers in the piece. Its fast paced but slows to reveal and focus on the bands touring. This kind of emphasis is ideal for a channel ident as the eye is lead straight to the point.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Never Mind The Buzzcocks Titles

I put these up on my blog because i like the gig atmosphere and is ideal for a music channel ident. Going to see a band that you like can be said to be one of the best live experiences available to a music lover. So what more relevant to put in an ident to try and sell the best channel experience?

I also added the new titles to see the difference between but also because i love the close shots to the instruments and the vinyls falling from above. Focusing more on the instruments rather than the live acts themselves could be another route.

New Titles

Old Titles

Kerrang! Old TV Idents

This is a show reel of old kerrang idents which were done in a program similar to after effects. These are funny and attention grabbing but a little out dated compared to other idents around at present.

Kerrang Shriek Ads

Shriek : Kerrang '07 Blasted

Shriek : Kerrang 07 Death Ray

Shriek : Kerrang 07 Explosions

Shriek : Kerrang 07 Raygun

Kerrang Radio launch Ad

Kerrang 105.2

Radio Ad 1

Radio Ad 2

Radio Ad 3

Friday, 5 February 2010

Making Of UNIFLU

This is the step by step production of the Uni Flu ad made and released in the states. I find pieces like this interesting seeing how a company goes through layers of production to get to a final piece. Its fascinating to see how much work goes in.

Bonfire have modeled a whole gym when they only use curtain sections of it. its unbelievable the amount of modeling work was put into this before it got to the animation stage. I think it is a well produced piece that is done in a similar style to Pixar. This obviously appeals to a large fan base which is a very intelligent idea by Bonfire and Uni Flu.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Astronauts, Matthew Walker

This is a really good use 3D but i think the strongest part the animation is the opening scene on the planet surface with the astronaut walking along the surface. I think from there when it loses colour in the space ship the piece visually loses excitement. I can see connections with animations such as Wallace and Gromit and Creature Comforts because of the way the characters have been animated. I feel the animation goes on for abit to long and it could be shortened but I'm not sure if you would get the same sense of loneliness.

Tale Of Rock, Stephen Payne

This piece by Stephen Payne shows great story telling without the use of words. This guitar-off reminds me of a clash of the titans or something along the same lines. The cheeky dinosaur is animated well and is a good character to follow. The characters actually look like they are actually playing the guitars because they are perfectly in sync. 

Relentless: Lives of the Artists Teaser