Thursday, 28 October 2010

Making of Nexus

This is a short video I have made showing the stages and processes I went through to create the nexus piece. The music is taken from the film, Snatch and is called Disco Science by Mirwais.

Audi R8 Spyder Beauty and the Beasts Advert UK by BBH

This Audio R8 ad is one of the main influences I had for my warehouse I built it in Maya for my Nexus piece.

The piece was shot in Londons ExCel and features over 22 hotrod cars dancing around the spae with the R8 working its way through. It is meant show the poise and agility. One of the best bits about this piece of work is that it shows how you can still make a great modern TV ad without all the CGI effects.



- (the means of connection between things linked in series)
- (a connected series or group)

This is an experimental piece I have produced in response to a self initiated brief. The brief was to study chain reactions and show / express this in a different way. It is meant to show how one object / decision can effect surroundings and outcomes.

I wanted to communicate a few messages so I wanted to leave the description of the piece short to let the audience take from it what they will. This piece could be perceived as...

- a chain of events where, one decision could snowball and develop into something else, something huge.

But on the other hand it could show...

-how something small, whether it be a person or a moving part, can play a large role in the 'bigger picture' and how everything works together to produce an outcome.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

CMR Bumper

This is a bumper designed to go before and after ad breaks. These piece has a good limited colour palette than runs throughout. This piece shows a technique I could use because all the objects being formed is a chain reaction in a way. The rapid changes and dynamics within the piece keep the audience interested. The lighting and occlusion work well together to make the object really feel 3D and like they are actually being physically formed. The simple camera movement is much better than a static camera with the objects moving. The piece is lacking sound but I think it would benefit from a rapid soundtrack that would emphasis the rapid movements.

The Manouvre

This is a piece using Realflow by The Manouvre. It is obviously made from pipes and tubes that have been hidden when it was rendered or a method along the same lines. The liquid created looks so realistic and I love the fact they have used it in an interesting way. They have piece that makes the audience constantly ask questions.

"Whats happening?"

"Did the water just make a letter?"

One thing I really like about this piece and other pieces made in a similar way is the way there is a big reveal at the end. In my early research I was playing with the idea of having a big reveal. The soundtrack is also where I discovered the Band / Artists Monolake that features in my in my research into my final piece Nexus.

IRU.TV Stings

This is a collection of 3 stings made for IRU.TV which would be aired between programs. I like the minimal colour palletes. The close camera angles used in the first part make the object seem huge which I like. Having the camera that close to the compositions allows the audience the see every movement. I also like the composition of the piece with the light entering the rings orbiting the planet. The light really draws focus really well which leaves the audience wondering whats going to happen to it. I also like the tempo change and how the sounds emphasis the movements within the piece. The silence at the end of each piece brings everything back together.

Abrstact Sperm Animation, WIP

This is a piece by WIP I found recently and I loved the way it was done. I love how the animation seems like your looking under a scope. I like how it looks negative with the white glow around the piece. The whole piece pulses and moves showing how the whole setting is living and changing. There is a nice depth of field used making the objects seem really large in the piece where they are actually minute. It also helps create good focus withing the piece, drawing the eye around the composition.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Norman Mclaren: How he made his sounds.

This is a short film explaining how Norman Mclaren produced his sound on his abstract animation. It explains how depending on the marks he made the sounds would be different. I've put this up when looking into experimental and abstract animation but also when looking into foleying my own sounds.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Particle Tests

Particles Test 1:

Particles Test 2:

Particles Test 3:

Particles Test 4:

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Style Frames

These are the style frames I have produced for my final piece. I want to use simple colour palettes but still create focus using spot colours and composition. The idea of the top 2 images is that the red cube is the subject of the piece or it could react with the subject.
I want to use simple object and be suggestive with them so the audience take away what they want from the piece. They come up with their own conclusions.

This is the idea of a grid moving and creating a route or path the ball has to take.

This style frame is showing the idea of using dominos for moving round the space. As they start to fall the subject will have to speed up to avoid falling in the liquid below.