My Portfolio

Moving Image Pieces

For HD versions of my moving pieces click this link to my Vimeo page or go back to my home page and click on the "My Work" tab in Archive Lables:-

2D Pieces

Fisheye Test Berlin

When in Berlin on our final morning me and  group of friends decided to setup some photographs and play around with composition. These are some of the examples of the shots I managed to get.

JDO competition

These were my entries into the JDO branding competition. The brief was to just use the lettering in the typeface provided to create either a moving or series of stills that can be used in a poster campaign. I wanted to use bright colours to emphasis the letters so they would stand out on a display somewhere. I was unsure whether to use full colour reflections or darker versions so I sent of both versions. I created a curvy almost liquid type surface for them to be stood on to deform the reflections and create more interest in the composition. Unfortunatly i found out this morning that I was un succesful in reaching the finals but I thought I would put them up here because I am still quite happy with them.

Custom Telecaster

The short time I've been home I have managed to complete my next guitar. This is a custom Telecaster which i stripped back to repair and seal before designing the finish I wanted to apply. As a base coat I've used a matt black and over the top a glossy one for the tree / vine wrapping around the components. It's a subtle design but when it catches the light it looks really impressive. I like to combine my interest with my designs and since music runs my life...