Friday, 18 March 2011

London Trip

This weekend we are heading town to London to visit some studios a get some feedback on our work. Over the last month or so I have been in touch with companies trying to get some appointments to show them my work as well as seeing how they operate and produce their pieces. I got in touch with as many people as possible as I knew I was going to get some rejections. I think I ended up getting in touch with about 14 companies but found it wasn't until I started ringing and speaking to people I started to get somewhere.

I ended up getting portfolio visit with the following:

Man Vs Machine

The Mill



Tandem Films (Group Visit)


I am really looking forward to the trip and showing people some of the work I have produced, my ideas and how I can get into the industry when leaving my course. I think this week is going to be very beneficial. I hope people like my work and can help sort my mind with where I want to end up and how to get there.

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