Wednesday, 17 June 2009


In February 2009 DVEIN were given the opportunity to design and create the opening title sequence for the F5 festival that is held in New York.

The F5 festival is a creative collision of sources from all over the world. The aim of the festival is to try and change the way designers think about their work and their lives. As well as the companies mentioned in the title sequence companies such as Mainframe, MTV and Curious Pictures will be attending.
For a full list of companies see the website:-

DVIEN wanted to create a piece that captured the aspects or the thoughts of each of the speakers, appearing at the festival, to tie them together. This piece was done on a zero budget but was created to mirror the ideas behind the whole festival. A collaboration between DVIEN and ANTFOOD was formed, doing just that.

"When we were invited to make the F5 titles, we wanted them match the eclectic spirit of the conference. The idea was to get the soul of the speakers into the titles in some way.

We asked each speaker to name five objects that inspire them or has something to do with their work. We received all kinds of answers—really interesting objects that gave us a great starting point: wind turbines, microscopes, lights, smoke, lamb rib cage, French bulldog…

The speakers didn’t know what their answers would be used for, but they were the seed for our story. In this way, all the speakers added their bit. There is not a unique authorship but rather a multiple collaboration."

The soundtrack was supplied by ANTFOOD and is an important part of the title sequence. The imagery is emphasized with the stop - start nature of the track. It keeps momentum through the piece while focusing on each individual designer creating natural pauses in the list of speakers. The soundtrack is just as important if not more important than the imagery used.

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