Sunday, 6 September 2009

Dark Phoenix, Rebeca Puebla

"Dark Phoenix was a work inspired by the character Jean Grey of the X-Men. I combined the typical clothing of the character in the comic with the face and the powers of the movie's Jean Grey" (Interview in 3D artist)

Rebeca Puebla is a freelance 3D character artist that has created characters for a wide range of companies. In the past she has created characters for companies such as Grin BCN who made the video game version of the film Wanted. Before that she also worked as a modeller on the series Pocoyo for Zinkia Entertainment. She also went on to work with Pyro Studies as a character artist. Through this she has developed a wide range of skills. She focuses on all aspects of the characters from concepts through to the surroundings and lighting.

The reason i have added this to my blog is because i love the fact she has taken this character and made it her own. I think this is really important in a piece and it attaches meaning and personalises your work. I think I have got this idea from playing in a band... hold on I am going somewhere with this. When covering a song i think it is more important and more impressive to personalise it rather than just copy it note for note. It shows you have more about you and shows that you don't ignore whats out there as well as not afraid to use other work and develop it in your own unique style.

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