Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Beatles, Pete Candeland

This is the opening cinematics for game The Beatles™: Rock Band™ which is being released on the Sept 9th. This introduction to the game was produced by Pete Candeland who works at Passion Pictures.

Here he has managed to capture the life and the journey of the four superstars as well as putting in subliminal messages referencing to Beatle's songs and albums. He manages to take history and throw it into the 21st century by producing this modern take on a timeline. Pete has used a combination of 2D and 3D animation in this piece. The 2 dimensional work is used for a vintage 60's look towards the beginning of the animation. This then progresses into 3 dimensional animation towards the end showing how times have change and more to the point how technology and the band moved forward. Giles Martin has also managed to thread some of the Beatle's famous tracks together to produce the soundtrack to the piece. The songs are then reflected in the imagery used, showing a clear connection and a good collaboration.

The Gorillaz

You may recognise the animation style from his other pieces that have been aired all over the globe. Pete Candeland was responsible for the 8 music videos produced for the band "Gorillaz" as well as "The journey to the east" that was produced for the BBC 2008 Beijing Olympics coverage. On the Beijing project he worked with Rob Valley to produce these films that were based on the traditional Chinese folklore.

Concepts for "Journey to the far east"

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