Monday, 19 April 2010

Thoughtful Lecture

The guys from Thoughtful came and gave us a talk as practice for the 4 Designers Conference which they were presenting at on 22nd February. I have worked with Stu and Chris in the past but it was good to hear abit more about them and their backgrounds. It was fascinating to see that they had come from nothing to what they are now. They kicked off their presentation by showing us what inspires them and what has driven to do what they are doing now. They didn't just stick to graphic design inspirations either, they also had inspirations from all sorts of disciplines such as sport and music. Chris also looked at Chindogu which we looked at last year. From here they showed us past pieces of their work and how they got to the outcomes they came to. This was interesting but the section that really stood out to me was the "Wise Words".

Chris and Stu Presenting at 4 Designers Conference

The was words were from a few different designers such as Patrick Baglee, Greg Quinton, Jonathan Baldwin and Michael Wolff. The guys asked them a series of questions to inspire students on how to do well in the future and how to get noticed. Quotes such as,

"Only work with the best even if you don't get paid."


"Change with the times"

really stuck with me and made me want to push myself. Hearing from the Thoughtful guys and all of the designers they had managed to contact really inspired me. It showed me just how important networking is and how making contacts is key to being successful. And finally the I thought the 5 P's were brilliant and so true to everything you do not just design...


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