Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Buried Trailer

This is the new trailer for a film called Buried. Now I don't really put trailers on my blog but this one is a little different to the ones you usually see out there. I really like the way it has been made with a series of animated lines and reminds me a lot of the kinetic type stuff we did last year. This could quite easily be made into a title sequence as proven by putting the reviews with the images used. I also like the soundtrack to the piece as it is building to a big finish a lot like the animation itself.

Now the film doesn't sound that great. A man stuck in a coffin, with a phone, with RECEPTION? hmmm ok. So are we just going to be watching a guy in a box making a load of phone calls trying to get out? We will have to see but this makes me think. Have they gone through all this to make an interesting trailer because of a bad plot or a lot of people are thinking along the same lines and are trying to build some hype? Maybe I'm being harsh but we will have to see.

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