Thursday, 28 April 2011

Final Pieces for Jon Maxwell

These are the final pieces I have produced for Jon Maxwell for his film "Fall North". After a lot of conversations and changes Jon has decided not to use the titles for his short but is continuing to use the credits. As I have spent a lot of time on the titles and a lot of time on the build of the Golden Gate Bridge I am still handing them both in as part of my Major Project and I am continuing to build my own response and body of work.

As I have said before there have been a lot of ups and downs with this project but it has been more like a job I would actually get when getting into the business and I feel I have grown as a designer and gained a lot from the experience. I have enjoyed working on something that was actually going towards something. Even though the job was unpaid I still had the drive to get my name out there and on a project that is going to be going around festivals and hopefully collecting some awards. It has been a pleasure to work on something like so early in my design carrier. I know I will only get better and having an experience like this before leaving university and going off into the big bad world I have found has already helped. It has helped develop my professionalism, communication skills, creativity as well as my time management. All these skill will still be developed but it is great to gain what I already have.

This along with the Tandem Films and Neighbourhood briefs have helped prepare me for the future and given me the much needed experience.

Fall North Titles

Fall North Credits

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