Sunday, 1 May 2011

Rushes Portfolio Visit

While in London I had a portfolio visit at the post production house Rushes. After walking around the centre of London following Google maps I decided it is probably best to ring the company to find out exactly where they were as they were not the Pizza shop Google was telling me it was. Anyway after a nice chat with the lady on reception she informed me I was 10 mins walk away.

Once I arrived I was directed up the stairs to the customer area and sat waiting to be met by my contact Warwick Hewett who started off as the VFX coordinator and was now a VFX producer. While I sat there I saw the new showreel Rushes had put together and realised they had been involved in much more than I thought. The technical breakdowns in their showreels really stood out to me as I started to think how I could show how I was going to layer up my final piece. Warwick came to collect me and took me up to the animation studio upstairs. I didn't realise the scale of the company until I was walking through it. It was vast and as we walked through all the different sections I realised all the different areas they operated in from print right through to animation.

We continued through the rooms until I met the guys in the one of the animation studios. The MGFX studio here I sat with Mark, Costas, Seb and the guys. Here I spoke to Mark about where I saw myself in the industry and where I wanted to end up. It was interesting to speak to him and all the guys. This was without shadow of a dowt the most helpful portfolio visit I had had. All the guys were genuinely interested in me, what I do and where I wanted to go. I spoke to them about where they had come from and how they had got to the level they are at at the moment. One thing I really wanted to ask about as it is somthing I needed to start thinking about was how do I get into the industry? How do I stand out? What stands out to them? They answer these questions and so many more. Like I said they wee so helpful and brutally honest with me which is exactly what I was after.

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I showed Matt my showreel but all the other guys stopped what they were doing to comment on it and see what I actually did. It was great to feel that welcomed and to be told that I would fit in there, with they're team is the biggest compliment I could have hoped for. I have made many contacts on this visit, got so much feedback and the confirmation that I am going ito the right business for me. What more could you want from a portfolio visit?

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