Wednesday, 27 January 2010

How You Feelin? Childline

I saw this ad on TV the other day and it immediately caught my attention straight away. This is target audience that they are aiming for so this is proof it is a successful piece. I think the projections on to the walls work well and sync well with the voices of the children.

There is something happening all over the screen and by having the guy on the bike ride through proves that it has actually been done and filmed. The piece portrays a typical urban landscape which is where Childline is probably associated the most. I thunk this ad will reach out to children of all ages and get the message across that Childline want to know how you are and that they are here to help.

Compared to any other ads I've seen by Childline in the past this is the most prominent and the one that will change their image and make them more accessible to children in the UK.

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