Thursday, 13 August 2009

Novaya Zemlya Titles, Eduard Kargin

I found this title sequence when doing my critical studies summer brief. It was made for a Russian film called Novaya Zemlya (translated to “Terra Nova”).

The film itself wasn’t very successful but the titles haled as cutting edge. The designer that was haled for the sequence is called Eduard Kargin. The thing I love about this title sequence is that it manages to sum up the whole film in the 1 minute and 40 seconds he has. Eduard Kargin described Terra Nova as “so turbid and gloomy that the audience couldn’t appreciate it.” but his work had a completely different impact. The title sequence was so highly regarded it was included in a special event as one of the past years cutting edge motion works.

The 2D design is impressive and works well when put into a 3D space. Each section flows easily into the next making it easy to watch and easy to follow. Showing the cardboard and the ruff shapes gives the piece more character and relates more to the film and the designer.
The way Eduard designed the sequence was by taking all the important parts of the film and including them into the opening sequence so it truly got you into the spirit of the film. The music suits very well as it produces a chilling and scary atmosphere that unease's the audience slightly and makes them wonder what is in store for them.

Eduard Kargin also took inspiration from a music video called "Spitfire" by the Prodigy (shown bellow) as for the styling of the whole piece. The subtle glow over the top of the whole piece with text written in it helps create the chilling atmosphere. I think this technique works really well and gives it a professional finish.

Spitfire by The Prodigy

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