Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Under Armour, Fierce Speed.

Shilo had just 3 weeks to
go from concept to this composite with this piece. After watching this animation it shows what can be done in a short time scale with good time management. This is a dark piece aiming to promote Under Armour's New series of football boots. The animation produced gives the illusion of speed as well as showing the product all coming together. Overall the animation shows that the product could improve your performance and they are not to be taken lightly.

The illusion of speed is created by the trails left by each of the components as they fly through the air. The contrast between the bright flickering trails and the still night sky creates focus which the audience follow throughout the piece. As well as this the particles moving past each component, when focused on, show the motion and speed of each component as they come together. The camera also shakes when focusing on a component showing instability therefore exaggerating the movement of each component.

As the animation continues, you see the boot form from nothing. The pieces don't gel together, they are thrown together with exact precision which therefore shows the fierce nature of the product. The boots are almost being beaten into shape in an industrial manna. This therefore attracts the male clients to the product which is most likely to be the market Under Armour is aiming for.

The score for the piece was created by Gavin Little who based the sounds and music on the original Star Trek intro. This is a good area of research as the intro also focused on showing speed and industry together through open space. I think the score works well with the animation as the metallic sounds help bring the product together as well as exaggerating the speed of the product.

This is a great piece of advertising by Shilo, showing the product in a good light as well as attracting the right audience.

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  1. Thats cool! I thought that it was going to be a trailer for a film when I first watched it. One serious piece of advertising!