Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Shynola: Coldplay "Strawberry swing"

This is a music video created by Shynola for Strawberry swing by Coldplay. Shynola have produced music videos such as "Go With The Flow - Queens of the Stoneage", "Good Song - Blur" and "Move Your Feet - Junior-Senior". These music videos are very much computer generated but they have approached this challenge with a more hands on method. Their aims for this video was to capture the mood of the piece while trying to tell a story at the same time.I think they have completed this challenge well by using so fantastic stop motion animation.

Something Shynola really wanted to focus on was the use of different camera angles by changing the way Chris Martin was laying / standing in the road. As well as this the wanted to show a lot of interacting with surroundings and materials. this is shown by use of the cape and the umbrella. Obviously this is a very time consuming method of creating a music video but they make it look effortless.

They have captured the music as well as develop and combined a story / meaning to the lyrics provided. they worked in close collaboration with Coldplay to produce this outcome. I you know me well then you will understand I am not a big lover of Coldplay but when i saw this video it really inspired and impressed me. I always have great respect for thous who try something new, even if it is just a new take on something. Making something personal.

Hope there is much more to come from Shynola's trade mark Squirrel!

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