Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Partex Movie

When looking into filming techniques and titles a came across this video showing some brilliant after effects visuals. It is an intro to the Partex oil and gas corporation and its history.

I love what they have done with the photos here. It is like they have been processed onto acetate and are being studied on a light box. Combined with these photos are transparent blocks of colour that are placed on photos and white box surround. The layers moving around shift the focus and creates a balanced composition as well as fluid movement between frames. Using ink in water clips and combining them with these images also suggest the oil Partex deal with.

This is the sort of idea i had for my end credits of my current brief. I want to produce a series of photographs of the desk I've created in Maya. With these photos I wanted to arrange the photos to recreate the desk using a David Hockney photo montage style. But with each photo lit differently. The objects would be arranged along the sides of the desk and the camera would pan along it with the names down the center. The names may be scratched or stained onto the table. The idea is still in the development stage.

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