Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Saab Website

This is a video showing the new Saab Website which has brilliant new interactive navigation. I found this when looking around for ideas on Motiongrapher for the Big Draw brief we were given. The nature of this site keeps the observer interested. I like the interaction between the drawings and the live action. This gives me loads of ideas for future pieces. The music that plays over the top is great too as it can be continuously be played on a loop without distracting the observer from what they are looking through. I think this is one of the best interactive sites I've been on as it is visually pleasing and well put together. Like i said its always keeping you interested.

When looking through the site I came across the Perfect Curves section with the pen that can be moved around. It inspired my stop motion piece that i created for the Big Draw. I loved the idea of following the pen around the image as it is being drawn. I have translated that into a stop motion piece that will be used as a TV sting for the Big Draw festival. I will post the finished outcome later.

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