Friday, 19 February 2010

Kerrang! Tour animation

This is a great piece of 2.5D. I love the randomness and the weirdness of the kerrang intro. Much like they're other idents they don't take themselves too seriously and have fun. They have weird and imaginative idents to reflect the kind of music they play. Its perfect for the younger audience that the channel attracts. I also like the dirtiness and the rough side to the animation as it reflects a festival/tour. The scratches and dirt on the lens also keeps the piece alive. It also shows its not all glam and that the whole experience can be a little rough and ready.

It also does well to keep the attention of they're audience for what is quite a long period of time for an ident/intro. I believe this is due to the constant movement with the camera and the constant movement of the layers in the piece. Its fast paced but slows to reveal and focus on the bands touring. This kind of emphasis is ideal for a channel ident as the eye is lead straight to the point.

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