Friday, 19 March 2010

Exit Through The Gift Shop

I went to see this film The week it came out at the Cornerhouse in Manchester. I'll start by saying I thought it was brilliant and one of the best films I've seen in a while!

This was a very cleverly made film and I feel that Banksy has done himself the world of good by releasing this. The film isn't a documentary about Banksy which you might expect. It's a documentary about the guy who tried to make a documentary about Banksy. This is about a would-be filmmaker Thierry Guetta, who ran a vintage clothing store in Los Angeles cousin was the Paris graffiti artist known as "Space Invader." Later in the film you see this film maker who starts thinking "I can do that" and attempts to become Mr. Brainwash.

Thierry Guetta (Mr Brainwash) being interviewed.

You start by liking the French film maker until it is revealed that he is a total sell out who doesn't care about the art but just about making the money. He ends up hiring a team of people to produce Mr Brainwash's pieces and puts no thought and effort into what he produces. He starts selling these so called pieces of art for ridiculous prices as he is the hot new artist out at the time that everyone must have. As you can tell, if we met I don't think we would get on.

Banksy being interviewed.

Anyway your probably thinking why did I like it so much, well look at the reaction the film got from me. I think it is really intelligent of Bansky to release this as everyone keeps saying as he has had exhibitions and shows that he is a sellout but this film shows otherwise. There is still a meaning behind each of his pieces and he thinks about location just as much as the art. I think with this film he is saying, "I'm not a sellout... this guy is a sellout" and he comes across very well.

If Mr Brainwash is going to make money out of Banksy then why shouldn't he do it in return. Anyway this is a fantastic film and definitely see it if you have the opportunity.

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