Tuesday, 23 March 2010

VH1 Ident

This is the ident I have just handed in as my final piece for the 3D Ident brief. I started by looking at the Kerrang music channel but I then decided to move onto VH1 Classic as is is how the Kerrang channel used to be. I really wanted the ident to reflect the channel. I wantd it to be dark and dingy and run down. I also wanted to focus on the instruments as the music from nowedays tends to be more about the money, popularity and the videos rather a guy and his guitar.

I decided to use a series cut-to cameras to keep the animation fast paced and in time with the music. The idea is that a guitarist is setting up to play the main riff to the music in the background but he is not seen as the focus is on the instruments and not on any band or musician.

The final piece has come out slighly darker than I would have wanted so I will change the lighting and rerender for my final portfolio.

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