Thursday, 9 December 2010

Text testing

This is the initial text test I have done. On the rear of the tablets/screens are letters that make up the sentence:-

"Why not make a change?"

This line is to interact with the audience. After seeing this I want people to think "why am I doing the same thing daily", why not change a curtain part of your life and who knows what else you could change. I have also rendered an occlusion layer to create more depth to the 3D text making it really jump off the screen to the audience. This will also give tho whole piece great depth as the tiles revolve.

Textured layer

Occlusion layer

The test below is just experimenting with the sentence turning and appearing on the back of the screens. The footage is more test footage I used just to show the general idea of the screens and you can also see here how well the vignette effect works. The footage does not have the vignette on it here, it is actually the light in maya that creates this effect. I prefer this method as the lights can stay in place to light and soften the text as it revolves also creating depth when they cast shadows.

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