Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Tiles Research

One of the main pieces of feedback yesterday on my tests was that the tiles didn't look so much like tiles and more like holes. It is because of this I am really focusing on this to see how I can change the piece to show the tiles. When experimenting with the tiles to make them more obvious I began to think of other tiles. Immediately Scrabble jumped out in my mind. These tiles are iconic but as this photo shows underneath the reason they look like 3 dimensional tiles is because of the shadows around the tiles which give them depth. This shows I need to experiment with lighting to show the individual tiles.

Scrabble Tiles

I also thought about the movement of the tiles at the end of the piece. They rotate to reveal text on the rear of the tiles and I think this needs to be emphasised. When considering this I thought how could I show that the tiles are in sequence and show that they all react with one another. For this reason I have decided to experiment with the idea of an abacus to show the formation of the tiles and have them spinning on bars as it is a piece that can be interacted with.


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