Friday, 31 December 2010

Andrew Brooks Talk

Earlier in the year I went to a talk at the Whitworth Art gallery by Andrew Brooks. Andrew Brooks is a graduate from our college and has gone on to be a very successful photographer and digital designer.

He started by showing us some pieces of work he had produced like this piece below:

He then went on to break down the image in photoshop to show how he had composited it all together. It was fascinating to see his layers after layers of changes. He explained how he takes hundreds of photos and selects areas to use in the final composition. His aim is to create seamless pieces of work that could be an actual landscape isn't. It was great to see how he worked and the fact he broke it down for us like this was great as you can actually see on screen the way he has produced it.

He went on to speak of how he likes to try new techniques and over the last year or so he has been testing with making 3D films pieces. He made them as Cross-eyed pieces or alternatively you could view each screen with the corresponding eye. It only occurred after he had projected some of his work on a screen behind him how weird we all must have looked sat there cross-eyed admiring his work. It was great to see though and I had no idea a piece like this could be produced this easily. Since then I have seen this method repeated all over. There were screens set up like this in the Film Archives in Berlin and is also the method Stewart from the Neighborhood had used to create his 3D work. Andrew Brooks had put a lot of time and effort into buying and building his own equipment for his 3D filming but the results really paid off.

This has shown how artists and designers are having to move with the times and keep up to date with the techniques they are using. This makes me want to consider doing some 3D work in the future. I think I will if I have the time and resources available as that is the direction everything is heading into at the moment. Andrew also spoke about he he enjoyed being self employed and working whereever he wished. This made a lot of sense when thinking of the freedom you would have when moving around jobs and companies but I still can't help but think I want experience before I even start considering freelance. I want to get in the industry and see how it works before I take any huge steps like that.

Check Out his website if you have the time:

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