Monday, 31 January 2011

Richard Montanari Book Ad

These are 2 videos produced to advertise novels written by Richard Montanari. He writes crime thrillers and has had these produced to get the readers visually excited and set up the mood. It is a great idea. These are by no means the best examples and the best produced but I like the idea of a ad advertising something a little different. Something you don't see everyday.

Broken Angels is a sponsor advertisement for in the breaks on the FX Channel as they show crime dramas. It is appealing to the crime audience when it knows they are going to be watching. It is done in a similar style to the Sin City and The Hostage titles. This is a style that is closely related to the crime / thriller genre and immediately the audience take note when they see the style.

I'm not wanting to replicate this style is I think it is too obvious and not right for the piece I am designing for. I feel I need to find and develop a style which is a little more subtle but still sets up the viewer for what they are about to see.

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