Monday, 31 January 2011

Dan McCarthy

When coming to look at different style to create my title sequence I looked at many different medias to look for inspiration. Recently I have been looking a lot at illustrators to get inspiration. I came across this guy called Dan McCarthy and loved the way he used silhouettes within his work to create landscapes such as these below. As I want to do some to do some compositing within my final major. I could have the opportunity of using backgrounds like these with other mediums animating in from of it. I like the use of silhouettes and they featured in a lot of my work in my foundation work.

Homeward Bound

I especially like this piece as it reminds me a lot of the story "Fall North" and the last line of the piece:

"The trees hurtling by were at peak colour, like in postcards."

Its the fact its the end of the story and in the piece the car is driving into the distance with the autumn colours filling the sky. I like that fact it is dusk too as it is the sun setting on the story.

Some other examples:

A Plane Passed Silently Overhead

It Felt Good To Be Lost

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