Monday, 31 January 2011

A Kiss From Tokyo, Kevin Dart

In my sketchbook I have spoken about Kevin Dart and his fake movie trailer. This is that movie trailer which is in-fact advertising a character from a series of books. This is similar to the Richard Montanari Ads that I showed earlier on my blog but these are a bit more creative in the way they have been approached. I like the use of 2D media to create the composition. The grading they have used is very similar to some the classic titles we have seen in the past. A large influence for these titles was the titles from the James Bond series of films. I like the way they have given it a vintage look with the coloured layers over the footage as well as the rounded corners which suggests it is more like a 13mm piece of footage or/and something projected.

James Bond Poster

Making of "A Kiss From Tokyo"

Titles Grading

Film grading to create vintage look.

After Effects structure of the outcome

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