Monday, 31 January 2011

Jon Maxwell

Introducing Jon Maxwell...

This is the director I have been in contact with that Tim McLean told me about. I have had great communications with Tim and after I explained my project to him he sounded very interested. He gave me loads of background information on the plot and characters and has been a great help to my research so far. This being said, he has also helped me move on. After telling me about Jon Maxwell I then sent him an email telling him who I was and my plans for my Major Project. He got back in touch with me a couple of days after saying how he thought my project sounded interesting. I sent him my showreel which he looked at and asked if I wanted to collaborate with him and his team on his film! What an opportunity!!!

He wants to enter his short film into competitions all over the world so if I got my work on the film and my name in the credits it would be great for me just starting out and going into the industry. It would be a great thing to have on my CV and in my portfolio. I'm looking forward to working with Max and his team and hopefully the project should be a good one.

Here is some of Jon's (Max's) Past Projects...

One Night in LA


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