Thursday, 23 September 2010

Double Negative on Visual Effects

When looking into Double Negative I found this video that interviews some of the team and asks them about they're backgrounds. I shows how people from all different areas and all works of life can come together to create the great work seen in films from all over the world. I think this is quite an inspirational video.

This piece has made me really think if this is the right area for me because some of the qualifications these guys have are in completely different areas to where I am. I do still want to get into the film industry but recently I have started talking to others about my choices and how they had been put off. There are some things I had not taken into consideration. Also having a lengthy talk with Christina (one of my tutors) she said she couldn't see me getting lost in the works of a large company which made me sit up and say I don't want to get lost but realistically that could be exactly what happens. This has made me look deeper into the industry and where I want to end up. I feel this is important before I start heading to studios to discuss with them my ideas and where I see myself.

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