Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Studio Research - 5


The Mill has offices in New York, London and LA and has been going since 1990. It has it's own CG department with over 20 workstations and renderfarm in London alone. They have made ads for companies such as Honda and Weetabix and have just been working on the new tetlys ad. The have also worked on the Ridley Scott film "Gladiator" which is one of my favorite films. It has been named one of the most awarded VFX companies in the world by Shots Magazine in 2007. I missed the opportunity to visit them last year but when heading to London this year I am going to see if a can get a visit to see how they work and how they produce these pieces.

APA Diamonds 2010

The Mill was awarded 10 diamonds for the following spots:

Honda ‘Everything’
Director: Scott Lyon
Prod Co: Outsider
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Nike ‘Write the Future’
Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Prod Co: Independent Films
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Guinness ‘World’
Director: Johnny Green
Prod Co: Knucklehead
Agency: AMV BBDO

As you can see this studio is world renowned and when we head back to London next year I would love to visit it. Similar to Mainframe I didn't know the work they had produced until I started looking into them. This company is more advertising based that either Frameworks or Double Negative but they still have a large team and have still worked on such productions as Gladiator.

I have been primarily looking at large studios recently and I have been encouraged to look at smaller ones and is the reason why when doing my visits I would like to see some smaller companies. I think it is important I look in all directions before deciding where I want to head in the future. I know it is a lot to think about in the early stage of the year but I have a feeling that things are going to become very really very rapidly over the course of this final year.

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