Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Studio Research - 2


Mainframe is a motion graphics studio who specialise in animation and graphics for ad's, promos and branded products. Adam Jenns founded mainframe and have been producing work since 1998. They produce a wide range of work which have been produced for cinema, online use and mobile media. They have a team 18 strong and are located in both London and Manchester. Mainframe has produced work for companies such as Huggies, The Courteeners, Nike, Living TV and Argos.

Living TV

Huggies Ad


I found out about this company last year after seeing their ad for Colin Mcrae Dirt 2 and I was really intrigued to how it was made. I found that after looking at their website and pieces they have made over the last couple of years I actually knew quite a lot of their work. There is office of Mainframe moved to Manchester recently and I have decided I would try and get in touch with them again to speak to someone and possibly show them some more of my work as Chris Hardcastle gave me some very helpful feedback last year. I like the way they combine 3D work with the live camera footage and make them sit together seamlessly.

Match-moving is something that interests me a lot and I think it is an important part of moving image and a possible area I could go into. This is something I would like to consider later this year and a possibility for my final major as I have spoken to a graduate from here and he said if you can show skills such as this then companies will start to sit up and listen to what you have to offer.

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