Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Studio Research - 3


Framestore has founded in 1986. Since then it has worked on a huge amount of films as well as television ads, stings and music videos. In 2004 Framestore opened a New York office who have made ads for companies such as Coke, Pepsi and Smirnoff which have won awards such as Emmy's and VES's. Framestore have managed to gain all sorts of awards ranging from BAFTA's, Academy awards to technical awards. They have also worked on films such as Clash of the Titans, Salt and Prince of Persia and are one of Europe's biggest visual effects and computer animation companies.

I heard of these when looking into double negative as it is their main competitor. They have also created some of my favourite pieces such as the Guinness surfer and the title sequence for Casino Royal. I have always wanted to work in a company that works on films and would love to get involved with them. Framestore would be ideal for this as they have large departments dedicated to film work.

As I said In my studio review of Double Negative this is another company that really interests me for similar reasons to Double Negative. The film industry is such a large part of society and is in no danger of being forgotten about. It is something I would love to get involved with. Also when looking at this company and the fact they had done the Titles for Casino Royal shows there are many areas in which I could work. I need to start looking into where I see myself in the future but I have no doubt I will end up trying to get into the film industry at some point in the future.

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