Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Studio Research - 4


Psyop is a motion graphics company based in New York and LA. It has over 120 people working in it's offices and has been a part of groundbreaking adverts such as the recent Coke ad and the UPS advert where everything is made to look like it is made of cardboard. The company has been going for about 29 years and is going strong. They work on films, adverts and kinds of different special effects.

I was lucky enough to visit the company in New York and I decided that that is where I want to end up. I know that is bold statement but I have never seen anything like it. Even thought the weather was miserable and we had been travelling for a while it was still an amazing sight. It is my ultimate aim to work there and live in New York I think. Obviously it is quite an ambition but I think it is always good to have something to aim towards. I love the community they have and the good size team they have. It didn't feel like anyone was being left out and that everyone had a part to play.

We had a lot of time to sit and see how the work was broken down and it was really interesting to see how each section was worked on and brought together in the final composition. I think there is a lot of scope for British designers abroad as we tend to work differently and bring something to the table that other designers don't. It would be great to travel and get experience from all over and is something I want to consider but I think it is important, wherever I end up, to get experience and continue learning what the industry is doing. Until this I hadn't previously thought, you have to take into consideration what is and isn't acceptable in other nations when producing work such as ours. Otherwise all our hard work could be for nothing if what we produce is not relevant or insulting.

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