Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Studio Research - 1

Double Negative

Double Negative is based in Soho in the centre of of London. It was setup in 1998 with just 30 staff which has now expanded to 750 which makes it Europe's largest visual effects company for film. In 2009 Double Negative branched out and created an office in Singapore which has a team of about 55 people. They work on films whether they are large or small and produce the best work they can on the budgets given. They have worked on films such as Sherlock Holmes, Scott Pilgram vs The World, Inception and Iron Man 2. They have won an array of different awards which include a VES award for Sherlock Holmes' visual effects.

Sherlock Holmes

I found out about this studio last year after a past student of ours got a job there and worked as a runner. This really attracted itself to me and I researched more into the company after. We had the chance to visit this studio last year which I found amazing. The studio was such a friendly working environment and everyone seemed to be working together but I didn't realise the scale. We stayed on one story looking at what was happening there but they were woking all over the building. After going to this studio I felt as if I knew exactly where I wanted to head in the future. My love for the film industry and the large scale jobs got me very excited when thinking where I could end up. It is studios such as this and Mainframe that really get me excited and make me want to just get straight into the working environment now.

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