Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Benjamin Gudel

Like I said earlier on my blog, recently I have been looking at a lot of illustrators recently and this especially. I love his cartoon style work. He has his own style that really stands out from all of his competition. It reminds me a little of the artwork that was used in conjunction with the Grand Theft Auto games. This style has a lot of emotion and mood within each piece. This is due to the colour palettes used. I also find the heavy lines he uses within the composition are a bridge between illustrations and silhouettes. When looking into his work and through his book Blood, Sweat & Tears I found a lot of his images reminded me of sections of Fall North.

Images that stood out to me:


This piece Woyzeck reminds me of when Ed is in his room looking through the photos of Eliza and Hammond before he has his last sleep before he heads to get her. (This obviously doesn't have anything to do with the boy in the chair, it was just the guy at the end of the bed that suggested this to me).

Personal Jesus

Personal Jesus reminds me of the section of the story when Ed and Eliza get back to the hotel room and shower. Ed strikes me as a character that is clean and always does things the same way. When Eliza enters his life, everything starts to get shaken up. His organisation for example.

Wiener Kiez

Wiener Kiez reminds me of Rollo, the politician that gives Ed the job and ask him to collect his daughter. He is a Ukrainian corrupt politician that you wouldn't trust as far as you could throw him. I don't know about you but this character above, from first glance, seems very shifty to me.

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