Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Paranoia, Sandeepan Chanda

I was shown this a while ago and it has stuck in my mind as I have been thinking of my visual style for this piece. I love the use of flat images as well as the animation over the top. A group of 4 students created this as part of their final degree's. It's a story about a passenger who is paranoid about a criminal he has read about and think he sees the criminal sat opposite of him on the train. There is no speech in the short which but it still gets its message across. That shows how good the writing is, as anyone, any nationality can watch it and appreciate it. It shows how everything doesn't have to be obvious and that sometimes images and reactions can speak louder than words.


As well as the short they also created a trailer for it to get people excited about it. I like this idea and I am seriously considering doing the same for my Final Major. I would like to do the full package. Titles, credits, trailers and the promotional posters. This would look great for my final show. My section could be like a promotional stand for the short. It shows I can work in a verity of media as well as considering all possible directions I can take and work.

Paranoia Teaser

I also put in the animatic for this piece as it is probably one of the best animatics I have seen. It shows exactly how the final outcome will look as well as getting all the timings and movements exactly right. It also highlights what exactly needs to be animated and what can be still images. This therefore makes the final outcome a lot easier to produce. This is definitely something I need to be doing for this project to get the best outcome possible. Now I just need to decide on the imagery and what scenes I'm going picture. I'm already getting really excited about how I can do my piece and what the outcome could look like.

Paranoia Anamatic