Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sky Atlantic Bridges Ident

I have just seen this advert for the new channel Sky Atlantic.

This is a perfect example of what I want to do for my title sequence for the short film. I want to focus on the ironwork of the bridge and how I can then move to reveal the title of the film. I need to look closely at how the bridge is made and the textures used. I also like how the view behind the bridge changes to different locations.

This is the kind of realism I would like to get with my piece. I need to collect some more imagery on how the Golden Gate Bridge is constructed as well as the condition in which it is in. The background of my composition could be a problem as I don't have any primary imagery that I can use so I will have to try and think of angles and resources I can use to complete the titles. I have spent quite a long time on getting the credits right and looking right, but I think I need to also focus on how I am going produce the titles as I want to complete them both. This has just given me a big boost and some inspiration to change/tweek my titles sequence. So I am going to draw up an alternative storyboard and see if I can create something that will overcome the obstacles I have found.

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