Thursday, 24 February 2011

Kiss Me Deadly Intro

As I mentioned in my sketchbooks, I have shown Max the tests for my water credits and after making more and more changes to suit how he wants it to look he has decided it's not working. We spoke about how the film ends and how he doesn't feel going back to the dead body is right anymore. One of the main problems we had, was the version I received from Max the last scene was one where Ed and Eliza we driving down the coast but then it ended where the screen went black with just the voiceover. This is why I thought of doing the credits as the water, so it would bring the whole film full circle.

Max liked this idea but now thinks that the camera shouldn't go back to Eliza's dead body after Ed drives off into the distance. I think it could still work, as the camera is staying with the mess Ed has left behind but Max thinks that that isn't right. Instead he wants some sort of sequence with the road in it. He sent this clip through and thought something like this would be good.

He said his film was noir style even if it doesn't have any of the normal traits of a noir film. He would like something like the driving scene in the "Kiss Me Deadly" titles. He was thinking of having a the type scroll up screen for as Ed was driving down the coast. He also quite liked the titles for "Lost Highway". I said that I obviously didn't want to copy anything existed and that I would come up with some ideas and send them across:

Here is the intro for "Kiss Me Deadly"

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