Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Matthew Davies Portfolio Visit

Last Thursday Matthew came around to the flat to look both my and Matt Geeling portfolio's. It was a great to get feedback from a guy who also directs and edits project but maybe looks at it in a different way.

Matt is a freelancer and is currently working at the BBC filming a new programme. He came around after he had finished for the day which were long hours he told us. After seeing him film in November for a web advert we were interested in what else he worked on. It shows the scope, he can work on. He mentioned that he works along side some other guys who build up a small team. This team had just got the contract to make 10 music videos for an undisclosed artist which he is directing. Work is going well for him as he is very busy at the moment and has jobs lined up as some end.

When looking through my portfolio he did seem impressed. I started by showing him my showreel just to give him a general feel to my work before I showed him a couple of individual pieces. I then showed him a variety of different pieces of work. I started with the big draw sting which lead him to ask how it was done. For this I showed him the short making of and the setup I had rigged to create the piece. After this I showed him the 3D title sequence and the negotiated project Nexus which he really enjoyed. He asked about sound and how it had been put together. I explained that I animated to a piece I had found before sending it off to a composer to write to.

After this we sat and spoke of opportunities. We spoke of where he had been since he finished his course at Salford and how he had worked at Sky and ESPN before getting to where he is now. We all spoke of a business that has freelancers on the books which is a possible opportunity while looking for jobs after graduating. We also discussed the possibility of a collaboration in the future and completing a job together. This is something that could be developed in the future and hopefully a good route to explore once the course is complete.

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