Wednesday, 3 November 2010

MI Portfolio Visit

This morning I went to MI's studio and sat and spoke with with their managing director Tony Denton. I showed him a few pieces of my work which by the sounds of things he liked. I saw the studio in which he works with his colleges. It was a great working atmosphere with the radio on in the background and everyone laughing and joking about the days jobs. It was a really welcoming environment with very friendly and polite designers. It is the kind of studio i could see myself working in in the future. Tony said that the reason it was quite relaxed was because they have just sent off a piece they had just finished but it can get hectic.

This is a screenshot of a piece they have just completed. It is of the trailer for the new Nascar Game being released on multi-platforms.

As I said before, I was sat with Tony and we spoke about the industry and he asked about where I see myself in it. I spoke about Double Negative and Framestore, which he had strong connections with, but explained that I don't want to fade into the background and I want to follow a project through to the end. He explained his experiences with the larger companies and how you can quite easily fade into the background doing the same old thing. The conversation with Tony was fascinating, listening to his experiences and how other people come through the ranks and how it is harder to do so in a large company. It has made me rethink where I want to be and what job I want to go into. I would love to be in a small team where you know everyone and can get on with everyone. I suppose it is a bit like the course I'm on. I wanted to be on a course where I knew everyone and could connect with everyone, therefore ensuring I learnt more.

A lot of the work MI do is architectural based and is completed to a very high quality. He gave me some examples to go away with, which is great resource to have.

To finish on he gave me loads of advice for when leaving university and looking for jobs and going to interviews. He told me the kind of thing he looks for in a employee and what gets people noticed. Tony suggested that I keep in touch over the next year and that I could go back which I certainly will. With talks of a possible a placement when I finish the course I am already very excited about working in the advertising industry, if you can't tell that already. All in all it was a fantastic studio visit and I hope it wont be the last time I step through MI's door.

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