Monday, 22 November 2010

Split screen in 24

This is the example from my sketchbook of the split screen used in 24. The example in my sketchbook is quite dark and hard to explain but I love how the multiple screens come into the composition. They fill the screen making it busy to watch but it also raises the excitement of the viewer. It is very much like a crescendo which is building and building until it is stopped by the clock at the end. It leaves the audience guessing. I like the busyness of the piece and the building of excitement and hopefully I will be able to do that in my piece.

This is the cast and production team talking about the split scree device and how it came about. It is interesting how it came out of just experimenting with phone calls to being used as a great device of showing simultaneous activities. This could be perfect for my piece as I want to show 3 journeys simultaneously.

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