Monday, 22 November 2010

Split screen colour patches

This is a short video by a band called "Plus Guest" for the track "My Horse Died In The River". It is exactly the style I'm looking for. The colours, the rounded screens and the grainy footage all remind me of footage from the 70's and would be a fantastic way / take on the multiple screen concept. The rounded nature of the pieces of footage remind me of the lighting I used in my last piece and I think it makes the footage more audience friendly.

For my piece the idea is each screen / each shot is of a different decision being made. This will show how decisions are made everyday and I am trying to get the idea of changing peoples routine and trying something new across to the audience. Having different filters on the footage could help when creating the text at the end of the piece which emphasises this message I am trying to convey. I will have to try some techniques and tests to get some similar feel to my footage.

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