Monday, 22 November 2010

Text in Zombieland

Recently I saw the film Zombieland as I was told to look out for the 3D text used in it. As I am looking into matchmoving I thought it was a great clip to put on my blog. As the lead character explains the rules of surviving in a world covered in zombies the rules are placed within the scene and in any scene after in which they are mentioned. The are obviously created and composited using 3D software but are not made to look realistic. I like the way it is used and where the text is situated (for example, on the toilet door).

If I were to matchmove for this piece I like the idea of using a similar style to this as it really grabs the attention of the audience, getting its message across. As the new pepsi brief I am looking at is only 60 seconds in total I need a method, such as this one, to show my message in an obvious way.

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