Tuesday, 2 November 2010

United States of Tara Title Sequence

These are the titles for "The United States of Tara".

This is slightly different to the Eurotrip piece I posted but still using 2D images to show a point. I like this 2.5D approach and is something I would like to consider in response to the brief. I like the way this piece has been based on a pop-up book to illustrate the characters and their surroundings in the piece. This is a light hearted introduction to the characters and sets the audience up well for what they are about to watch. 

Also I like the Showtime ad that is after it but for separate reasons. I like the 3 dimensional squares moving together with the information on it. I creates interest where there usually isn't much to look at. I shows they have thought about this in terms of the audience. Also American channels have more ad breaks than in the UK so you would see these ads more often so it is important to keep the audience even while showing them information.

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