Sunday, 8 May 2011

Credits Style Tests 2

These images are tests for how I want the base of the bridge to look in my credit sequence. I wanted to play with textures and after visiting the Humber bridge many times when younger when visiting family. I have tried to translate what I have noticed of that bridge back then to my bridge. When stood by the base of the Hummer Bridge years ago I noticed it was build of layers concrete as opposed to one big solid form. It is for this reason why I wanted to emphasis and stylise this for my piece. These photo's underneith show what I mean by this:-

The Humber Bridge:

I wanted to take this and translate it into the style I have been using. For example, I don't want the base to seem as smooth as I have seen it. I want it to seem weathered, like it has been through a lot and like the bridge has a lot of stories to tell.

My Rendered Images:

When doing the credits for Max he wanted to make a big deal that the sound was done by Skywalker Sound and in the first draft we had a separate section in the credits for the staff there. For this reason, I found the logo of the company online and made a 3D version that I could mount on the base making a real point that that is a big part of the production. I need to play with texturing and how I am going to make the logo stand out but I am happy with where it sits in respect to the bridge.

This is where I have inserted the water layer over the top of the bridge base to see how I can control it, the lighting and the shadowing against the concrete. It works really well here and I think I just need to do some colour correction so there is an obvious change between the air and underwater.

The idea for right at the very end of the credits is to have the name of the film written on the base of the bridge where no-one would usually see it. I also think as the last thing you see from the film this will work well, especially if it is being put into film competitions. You want the audience to remember the name of the piece and this is obviously the perfect way to help that.

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