Sunday, 1 May 2011

Safety Videos Freelance Job

After our portfolio visit with Matthew Davies he got in touch with myself and Matthew Geeling while we were in London to see if we were interested in working on 4 animations for a safety video he was working on. After discussing fee's and what would be asked of us we accepted and began some tests. The safety video was loosly based on one that was already out there doing its job and we were asked to produce some animations that would go between footage. These are the 2 I worked on:



Matt created the character for the first and we both came up with the colour scheme based on the reference safety video. I was happy with how my particles and fluid dynamics worked considering it is one of the first times I have tried to use them. I used Realflow for the liquid in the syringe and it was great to try. We had a short space of time to produce these so over a weekend we managed to put these together which went well and is good practice for future jobs in the industry. I'm sure now I could probably produce better results but at the time with other stresses going on I think it went well and did what it needed to. Matthew Davies was very pleased with the results and hopefully there maybe more work with him in the future.

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