Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Neighbourhood Placement Review + Portfolio Presentation

Over Easter I spend my 2 week holiday working at the company The Neighbourhood and honestly I can't think of any better way I could have spent it! What an experience and I don't think I could have got anymore out of it. I have made some fantastic contacts there and friends which I am hoping will help my future and I will be able to keep in close contact with. If I was to write up about the whole thing this would be THE mother of all blog posts so..... I kept a day by day diary while I was there, recording my thoughts and experiences.

A cracking read!

This alone, is the best thing I have found about doing the PDP. This experience has been the best thing to have happened to me in my design life. Everyone at the studio were so helpful and so welcoming. You can't have a better compliment that someone saying that you fit right in to their family and that they hope you can go back, visit and work in there studio again at some point.

Thanks again to everyone there and hopefully see you all again soon! All the best,

The Neighbourhood Portfolio Visit 2:

On the last day of the placement we sat down with Stuart (Animator) and Jon (Director) who we sat with last time we had a portfolio visit to look at our work and how we had changed over the year. They were in very impressed with the changes made over the year. Stu said that he was impressed with the work last time but there is noticeable changes this time and that I have upped the quality. This was a great confidence boost as I thought going back with not a lot of different work could be weird.

My Newest Showreel

After looking at this we then went on to look at my final major so I could get some feedback on that and see how I could improve it in the last few weeks. After being there for 2 weeks and sitting through a few presentations I decided to present it properly so they could see that I also think about that aswell.


They gave me some great feedback about how I can improve my final pieces and how I could get the most from it possible, so that is something I can definitely work on. It was a great end to a great fortnight and hopefully thats not the last time I will see them all as I would like to take my stuff back in once it has finished to show them what we have managed to create. We have been invited back to show them and they are going to come to the end of year show which will be great for them to see how everything has ended up.

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