Thursday, 5 May 2011

Titles Reveal Composition

This shows some of the stages I have been through to create the final shot my title sequence. I started with a playblast from Maya to make sure I had all my timings and movement right. After these where finalised I could then move on the set the whole shot rendering ready for me to comp together in After Effects. This is shown in the second clip and then for the final shot in the post I have positioned and scalled everything as to produce a change in the depth of field which I think will help produce more focus on the title of the film itself.

Playblast of Movement:

Shot after rendering textures and inserting Time-Laps sky:

Final Compostion:

This is the final composition I have come up with but after showing it to the Neighbourhood, we started brainstorming how I could improve it for the final deadline and the show. I like the speed of the shot and along with the others the whole piece has a good tempo to it. This last shot seems to take quite a while though so I was thinking of animating something in the scene to create some more interest in the shot. I can also use this method to move the focus of the audience around the screen and therefore emphasising separate areas of the composition.

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