Sunday, 1 May 2011

Tandem Film's Studio Visit

One of the group visit's we had in London was at a studio called Tandem Films. When we got to the design studio we were pleasantly surprised to find it was a converted terraced house located in a really nice area of London. We were all meeted and greeted by the Oscar winning Daniel Greaves! It's one thing to visit his company but it is another for Daniel to show us around himself. We had a great couple of HOURS there and it was a great experience to see what they have to offer. Well look at these photo's at how cool the studio looks and make up your own mind! :-

We were all shown around the studio at the workspaces everyone had. As you can see from the photo's above the studio is a kind of dated greenhouse with parasols inside to keep the sun off the employees and sun/rain off their work. It helped give the studio a relaxed feel and everyone was chilled out. After the tour of the studio we had the chance to chat with some of the freelancers and designers about what they were currently working on. These were jobs for companies such as Nokia, William Hill aswell as working on the Simon's Cat comic strip that Tandem are famous for.

After this we went down to the editing suit downstairs where we all sat around and watched their newly edited showreel. It was great to see how companies still change showreels and keep them up to date and its not just people trying to get into the industry having to do this. Plus it is just the chance to show off. Part way through though I sat up and noticed that they had a piece but The Neighbourhood in their showreel which I was a bit like "What's going on here?!". But little did I know they are the London representatives for The Neighbourhood. This I found very interesting as I have been in contact a lot recently. We then sat and watched more of the work that Tandem had completed and got the chance to speak to another director. One piece of information I was very interested with was that the directors were welcome to go and work at other companies as long as they weren't directing the pieces. This was because Tandem didn't always have enough work to keep them busy so instead of paying them when there was nothing to do it made sense to let them work for others and keep they're hand in.

It was a fascinating visit and great to meet Daniel and have an insight to see what working somewhere like that was like. It was completely different to a company such as Rushes or The Mill as it was on a smaller scale and much more relaxed working environment. Hopefully this is a good contact and hopefully I can keep in touch with all the companies I have visited and maybe some of our paths will cross again someday!

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